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Weather forecast for today Sunday 26 March
Weathermap for today

Overall situation Humid air masses from the west.

Forecast On Sunday, it will probably be changeable with many clouds and some showers are expected during the evening. Snow line falling at 1000 m in the northern regions.

Temperatures Top temperatures between 9° and 16°.

Weathermap for today

Situation Humid air masses from the west.

Mountainforecast Clouds will reduce the visibility on the mountains and some showers will pass trough during the course of the afternoon. Isolated thunderstorms can be possible.

Weathermap for today
Weather forecasts for next days
On Monday temperatures will drop considerably. On the main ridge of the Alps it will remain changeable, towards the south it will be quite sunny. Strong north wind in many valleys. Pretty sunny weather on Tuesday, but frosty in the morning. Partly sunny weather on Wednesday and Thursday. Increasing temperatures.
Monday 27 March
Weathermap for tomorrow
min -4° / 5°
max 3° / 15°
Tuesday 28 March
Weathermap for tomorrow
min -7° / 1°
max 4° / 13°
Wednesday 29 March
Weathermap for tomorrow
min -6° / 1°
max 10° / 18°
VAT Id: IT01712640216